I'm having way too much fun with this.pic


(Yesterday by Atmosphere) Finally going through some old photos from my New York trip this summer!   
ravenmariee Sep 18, 2013


(s.o.t.d Inhaler by Foals) Headed out to dinner real soon but I thought I'd post a self-portrait I did while still in D.C. Just playin around…
ravenmariee Aug 13, 2013
Eyes in New Yorkpic

Eyes in New York

(s.o.t.d. Comin Home by City and Colour) Tonight's my last night in DC! Very sad to leave it but excited to go home as well, and…
ravenmariee Aug 09, 2013
Vanilla and lacepic

Vanilla and lace

(S.o.t.d. You by the 1975) Submission for the b&w assignment! I fell in love with this skirt at Urban last week, sucker for lace!
ravenmariee Aug 07, 2013
Summer Tanpic


I got to meet the lovely Jenny Dang on Friday! We'd both been wanting to meet each other for the longest time but didn't think…
ravenmariee Jul 29, 2013

Artist You Should Know: Lorde

16 Year old Ella Yelich-O'Connor, better known by her stage name, Lorde, has started up a storm in her home country of New Zealand with…
ravenmariee Jul 24, 2013


I forgot to post this earlier, but I met Claire while I was in NY! She was at Warped earlier that day and we were…
ravenmariee Jul 22, 2013


(s.o.t.d You're the Ocean by Teitur) I took over 600 photos in NYC... time to edit! I was messing around witht his photo of Times Square and…
ravenmariee Jul 16, 2013

Get To Know: Jenny Dang

I was lucky to be interviewed last week by the lovely Jacob, now it's my turn to interview one of my favorite Buzzneters!  It's safe to say that…
ravenmariee Jul 15, 2013

A Rocket to the Moon, July 6th 2013, Washington, D.C.

I'm lucky to be able to say I caught A Rocket to the Moon on their last U.S. tour as a band, very sad to…
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ravenmariee Jul 08, 2013

The Maine, July 6th 2013, Washington, D.C.

I swear these dudes just keep getting better and better, I love watching them evolve. Heres' the Maine on their headlining 8123 Tour, they brought…
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ravenmariee Jul 08, 2013

This Century, July 6th 2013, Washington, D.C.

I was so happy to finally see This Century playing on the 8123 Tour with The Maine, a Rocket to the Moon, and Brighten. Can't…
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ravenmariee Jul 08, 2013

Brighten, July 6th 2013, Washington, D.C.

Brighten opening for the 8123 Tour featuring many musicians from the homestate of Arizona, including The Maine, A Rocket to the Moon, and This Century…
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ravenmariee Jul 08, 2013
These colors don't runpic

These colors don't run

(s.o.t.d Love & Drugs by The Maine--very stoked to be shooting these dudes tomorrow!) I got to spend the 4th of July out on the National…
ravenmariee Jul 05, 2013
New Friendpic

New Friend

(s.o.t.d Ain't It Fun by Paramore) Ahhh, you guys I love Paramore's self-titled album, it's been my jam since it came out! I'm thinking about making…
ravenmariee Jun 30, 2013
D.C. And a Very Belated Buzzaversarypic

D.C. And a Very Belated Buzzaversary

(s.o.t.d. Run by The Maine) HEyheyheEYY Buzznet! How y'all been? I've been spending the summer in D.C. doing an internship at a law office, taking…
ravenmariee Jun 28, 2013
Florals.. for Spring? Groundbreakingpic

"Florals.. for Spring? Groundbreaking"

(s.o.t.d Elephant in the Dock by mewithoutYou) Hahaha sorry for the lame title, it was the first thing that popped into my head! Sorry for the…
ravenmariee May 20, 2013

Kenny Fletcher, April 23rd 2013, Tempe, Arizona

Kenny Fletcher of Westchester United Foodball Club opening for The Gaslight Anthem on their headlining Spring tour in Tempe, Arizona, on April 23rd.
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ravenmariee Apr 24, 2013

The Gaslight Anthem, April 23rd 2013, Tempe, Arizona

The Gaslight Anthem on their headlning Spring tour in Tempe, Arizona, on April 23rd, 2013.
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ravenmariee Apr 24, 2013

Matt Mays, April 23rd 2013, Tempe, Arizona

Matt Mays opening for The Gaslight Anthem on their headlining Spring tour in Tempe, Arizona on April 23rd. 
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ravenmariee Apr 24, 2013
Friendly Reminderpic

Friendly Reminder

Here's a little reminder for this lovely Friday afternoon! I must have wrote this little bit in my shoes in Freshman year of high school!…
ravenmariee Mar 22, 2013


(s.o.t.d 1957 by Milo Greene) I ate a blood orange today for the first time it was sooo delicious! Spring Break is so close! I get…
ravenmariee Mar 07, 2013


(Waterfall by the Stone Roses) Sorry for being so bad at uploading! I've been super busy with school and work. I did really well on my…
ravenmariee Feb 18, 2013


(S.o.t.d Erase Me by Kid Cudi) This is the view from the top of "A" Mountain in Tempe! It was a really fun hike even though…
ravenmariee Jan 28, 2013


(s.o.t.d Daniel by Dia Frampton) Hey Buzznet! Long time no post : I've been trying to upload stuff for what feels like weeks now but I…
ravenmariee Jan 26, 2013


Hey guys! Sorry I've been MIA lately! I've been home and mainly been hanging out with family and friends before I go back to University…
ravenmariee Dec 31, 2012


(Sotd Love Affair by Sweettalker) Just drinkin some chai on the last day of classes before finals. I can't wait to go home! :3
ravenmariee Dec 11, 2012
Buzznet Secret Santa!pic

Buzznet Secret Santa!

Today I recieved my Buzznet Secret Santa box from the lovely Emma Bee! The package included a dinosaur coloring book (COOLEST THING EVER), crayons, an aligator…
ravenmariee Dec 10, 2012
Buzz Lovepic

Walk the Moon, 11/12/12, Phoenix, AZ

Ohio based band, Walk the Moon, rock a sold out show at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, Arizona for their headlining world tour.  Opening act was Family of…
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ravenmariee Nov 13, 2012

Family of the Year, 11/12/12, Phoenix, AZ

Family of the Year supporting Walk the Moon on their headlining world tour at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, AZ. 
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ravenmariee Nov 13, 2012
Phoenix Againpic

Phoenix Again

(sotd You're The One That I Want (Cover) by Angus and Julia Stone) I've been feeling king of bleh in the past few days. I think…
ravenmariee Nov 09, 2012
Michigan Leftpic

Michigan Left

(sotd by Book Club by Arkells) I was looking through a bunch of old show photos because I wanted to make a Facebook page for my…
ravenmariee Nov 04, 2012
Cha cha changes!pic
Chop chop!pic

Chop chop!

I got a few (15) inches off!
ravenmariee Oct 30, 2012
Awful Anxiouspic

Awful Anxious

(s.o.t.d Anxious by States) I had a lot of fun doing self-portraits and digial manipulation over the weekend. I really missed it! This one's my favorite…
ravenmariee Oct 29, 2012


(Sotd Otherwise by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis)   This was the view in the dining hall the other day. I don't have much hoorah crazy school spirit…
ravenmariee Oct 25, 2012


(Album: Handwritten by The Gaslight Anthem) One of my favorite bands. I got bored today while studying and scribbled some of my favorite lyrics. I've had…
ravenmariee Oct 24, 2012


(sotd Yellow Brick Road by Angus and Julia Stone) I played around with my pinhole lens over the weekend, it was definitely a lot of fun…
ravenmariee Oct 22, 2012
Raspberry Sherbetpic

Raspberry Sherbet

(Sotd Valerie by Amy Winehouse) I got some ice cream with my friend Bree last night after a study session for a Criminal Justice exam. It…
ravenmariee Oct 19, 2012
Muffin kind of Morningpic

Muffin kind of Morning

(Sotd How to Be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds) My new favorite way of drinking tea is with a couple of orange slices, it's…
ravenmariee Oct 17, 2012


(sotd Figure 8 by Ellie Goulding) Okay so, sorry if this grosses anybody out! I fell longboarding a few days ago and landed on my legs…
ravenmariee Oct 15, 2012
First time Frozen Yogurt!pic

First time Frozen Yogurt!

(Sits  Skeletons by This Century) I went out for frozen yogurt for the first time last nigh with my friend Brandee! It wa super good, I…
ravenmariee Oct 11, 2012

13 Spooky Songs To Listen To This October

I admit, maybe they're not super spooky.. but they've got the right idea. Take a listen to these Halloween-esque songs below!  Skeletons by This Century Halloweenhead by…
ravenmariee Oct 10, 2012
Tea Timepic

Tea Time

(Sotd We Must Be Killers by Mikky Ekko) Just a cup of tea this morning! I've got Social Work then Criminology today then work at 5-9:30…


(sotd: If These Sheets Were the States by All Time Low. Don't Panic is such a soild album, you guys. Listen to a stream of…
ravenmariee Oct 03, 2012


(s.o.t.d Fire Away by The Swellers) I went on a photo adventure last night around Phoenix! It was definitely a lot of fun and I missed…
ravenmariee Oct 01, 2012

A Downtown Diary: 9/23/2012

Hey guys! I know I haven't been uploading a whole lot recently. I've been really busy with school (three exams this week!) and just trying…
ravenmariee Sep 23, 2012
Let's Make This Happenpic

Let's Make This Happen

(s.o.t.d Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club) Hey all! Just a quick upload from my roadtrip down to Arizona. I listened to a lot…
ravenmariee Sep 04, 2012
Venice Beachpic


(s.o.t.d Autobiography by The Starting Line) Today I checked out the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Amoeba Records (got Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco!), Melrose, and the…
ravenmariee Aug 15, 2012


(s.o.t.d Old Soul Song by Bright Eyes) Hey guys, I'm getting all packed up to move to Arizona on Monday! I'm really excited and I can't wait…
ravenmariee Aug 08, 2012

Walk The Moon Covers "Maps" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Buzznet favorite Walk The Moon recently performed a cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs famous track, "Maps" for MTV Unplugged. The band stated that they were on…
ravenmariee Aug 02, 2012
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